Our Practice Areas

Horn and van Rensburg Attorneys offer a variety of legal services with its four cornerstones – Honesty, Integrity, Subservience & Professionalism – always guiding the full compliance of personnel.


An appeal-process provides for a court order to be overturned by a higher court. Since the Supreme Court of Appeal is situated in Bloemfontein, our firm provides a professional service of assistance with matters dealt with in- or referred to the Supreme Court of Appeal and with all appeals- and appeal processes to the various other courts of appeal in general.

Commercial Law

We provide professional assistance with the drafting of all types of contracts in the various divisions of the law where contracts feature, the formation-, registration and administration of Trusts, assistance with legal compliance regarding compelling prescriptions through legislation such as POPIA and in a variety of other commercial transactions- and issues.

Estate Planning

We have a dedicated team with the required knowledge, skills, and experience to assist our clients with comprehensive and professional estate planning suitable for each one’s own circumstances and needs through which our clients’ affairs are not only duly structured, but through which we provide excellent and professional advice how to limit estate duty. This process also includes the drafting of a practically executable will and the safekeeping thereof to ensure that all deceased estates are executed as smoothly as possible.

Deceased Estates

We are mindful thereof that the loss of a loved one comes with enormous emotional stress and sadness, and we truly believe that one’s family should not have to deal with extra worries during such time. We assist a mourning family during such time with the utmost of empathy and professionalism to finalize the deceased estate as soon as possible. The truth is that the administration of a deceased estate commences long before one’s passing and that many unnecessary and complicated issues can be avoided through timeous and proper estate planning, accompanied by the drafting of a valid and duly executable will. We provide professional services in proper estate planning and the drafting of wills.

Labour Law

Our labour law practice aims at assisting our clients with all issues dealing with the sometimes-complex relationship between employers, workers, employing entities and trade unions. In South Africa, legislation governs- and regulates the labour law environment, amongst others Acts such as:

  • The Labour Relations Act
  • The Basic Conditions of Employment Act, (TBCEA)
  • The Employment Equity Act
  • The Promotion of Equality and Unfair Discrimination Act
  • The Unemployment Insurance Act
  • The Occupational Health and Safety Act
  • The Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act
  • The Skills Development Act

    Labour Law

    We assist our clients with professionalism through our skilled personnel in all labour-related issues, including:

    • Drafting of employment contracts
    • Assistance at all the collective bargaining councils, including at the CCMA
    • In certain instances, with labour matters the civil courts
    • Assistance of labour disputes the in the Labour Court


    Mediation is a structured, interactive process where an impartial third party assists disputing parties in resolving conflict using specialized communication and negotiation techniques. A Mediator assists the parties in actual (or potential) litigation to resolve the dispute(s) between them by facilitating discussions, assisting them in identifying issues, clarifying priorities, exploring areas of compromise, and generating options to resolve the issues between them. Our firm possesses over a qualified Mediator in Marius Janse van Rensburg, who is also a member of Free State Mediation, an alternative dispute resolution mechanism in Bloemfontein and in the Free State province.

    Property Law

    Our firm possesses over a specialised property department with more than 25 years’ experience in the various property fields, amongst others including:

    • Conveyancing, including the registration of immoveable property, bond-registrations and -cancellations
    • Notarial practice
    • Sale agreements relating to immoveable properties, and in general all property related agreements
    • Township development
    • Sectional Title and Share Block Schemes
    • Subdivision and consolidation of property

    Debt Collection

    If you render a service to a client, you are entitled to payment. However, it does not always like that in an imperfect world. It often happens that customers fail to pay what is legally owed to their service providers. It is therefore important to seek legal advice as soon as possible when one finds yourself in a situation that you are unable to collect what is due to you.

    Horn & van Rensburg Attorneys provide extensive services as debt collectors with a specialized team who assist its clients to ensure that proper legal action is instituted to recover unpaid debts. It is extremely important that outstanding debts be handed over as soon as possible, not only to prevent prescription but the timeous handing-over of bad debts also makes the debt-collection process much easier. 

    Criminal Law

    Every person that faces the wrong side of the law in criminal matters, deserve, and possesses over the right, to be defended in court by a duly qualified and competent legal representative. Every accused person indeed has the right to appoint his/her own attorney to represent him/her in court when faced with criminal charges of whatever nature. Horn & van Rensburg provide assistance to its clients faced with all kinds of criminal charges, whether as nominal as a traffic fine up to charges of serious nature – both in the High Court and in Lower Courts.

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